A Ministry of Presence

The heart of the Mercy Missionaries ministry is to spread God’s love through small acts of kindness. We believe through the faithful service of the body of Christ, these small “seeds” will grow into strong trees of faith. Our desire is to love the people God sets before us. We also fully understand, and this is the heart of our message, that we have nothing REAL to offer people other than the love of Jesus. Our desire is to spread this love through simple acts of compassion and mercy.

We believe that the Lord Jesus desires to expand the scope of the church to faithfully serve His broken and hurting body by bringing life’s basic necessities to the poor. It is through God’s love that we are transformed from those who serve and those being served into “oneness in Christ.”

The ministry of the Mercy Missionaries is expressed through two primary outlets: Church Under the Bridge and HOTEL Ministry.

Church Under The Bridge

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HOTEL Ministry

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For a list of current ministry needs, visit our Facebook page.

2013 Canby Dahlia Run Supports Mercy Missionaries

Canby Dahlia RunThe 2013 Canby Dahlia Run partnered with Mercy Missionaries for their 10K & half-marathon charity runs. Proceeds were graciously divided between The Canby Center, Wilderness International, and Mercy Missionaries to help in serving the needy, homeless, and at-risk people in our communities.

The mission of the organizers of the Canby Dahlia Run?

Canby Dahlia Run’s Mission is to send a message throughout our community and surrounding area that people matter.

Our goal is to put on a premier race, creating a lasting memory for the participants, where all proceeds go to local charities. We desire to reach out in tangible ways to make a difference with the needy, homeless, and at-risk people in our communities.

When you can change the lives of those in need it causes a never-ending ripple in the cycle of giving. The saying goes…Give and it shall come back to you… Come, RUN and share in the giving.

Nearly 500 participants arrived on a beautiful morning August 24, 2013 to challenge the 10K and half-marathon course, and by all appearances, had a great time.

Mercy Missionaries Partner with Right 2 Dream Too

Right 2 Dream Too

Mercy Missionaries has recently partnered with Right to Dream Too, a sheltering community for the homeless in downtown Portland in their “Paint A Door” campaign.

To help support the shelter, we have purchased a door and the youth from New Life Foursquare Church will be sharing God’s message of love on a door that they will be painting for Mercy Missionaries.

About Right 2 Dream Too

Right 2 Dream Too is a nonprofit organization operating a space where people can rest or sleep safely and undisturbed. Their mission is to provide refuge for Portland’s unhoused community who cannot access affordable housing or shelter space.

Right 2 Dream Too (R2DToo) exists to awaken social and political groups to the importance of safe and undisturbed sleep. Our purpose is to create a place where unhoused people can rest or sleep without being rousted by police or private security and without being under the constant threat of violence. We hope to create a cost-effective, self-sustaining model that can be replicated elsewhere.

Updates on Westwind Visitations

We kicked off our visitations at the Westwind Hotel in late July, and we thought we’d update you on our activities and needs.

Westwind Hotel Visitations

We’re visiting the residents of the Westwind on the 2nd Saturday of every month.   We gather at New Life Foursquare Church in Canby at the Canby Bible College Library (map) at 12:00 noon to pray and caravan downtown.

Westwind Family Dinners

We also share a meal with the Westwind residents on the 2nd Tuesday of every month.   We meet downtown Portland at the Westwind Hotel on the corner of 6th and Flanders (map) at 6:15 p.m. to serve dinner at 6:30.

Current Needs

  • We are in need of “Dinner Teams” as well as a person to oversee the teams.  Our dinners are monthly and we are praying that God would provide teams who could share by rotating the preparation and serving of the meal.
  • We are in need of worshippers/musicians to play during our dinners.  Please contact us by going to the Contact page of our website if you are interested in serving in a facet of the dinner team ministry.

Mercy Missionaries adopts Westwind Hotel

First, what is H.O.T.E.L.?

HOTEL Ministry (which stands for “Healing Others Through Evangelistic Love”) exists to share Christ’s love with residents in Portland’s low-income hotels downtown. Each month, teams of dedicated servants from local supporting churches provide meals, groceries, visitations, and Bible studies. New Life Foursquare Church is adopting one of those hotels: Westwind Hotel in Oldtown Portland.

Next, what does this mean?

Dinner Concert & Gift of Box Fans

We will begin with a dinner concert & provide all the food, musicians, and servers. At this dinner we will present the gift of a new 20” box fan for each of the 67 rooms in the hotel. This hotel has no air conditioning and the summer heat can be deadly. You may get involved by being a member of the Dinner Concert team or by donating a new 20” box fan (or $25 for us to use in purchasing one.)

Visitations of Residents age 65 & Older

The visitation is primary to this ministry. We go door-to-door and visit each resident who is age 65 or older. We offer them food items and listen as they share needs that we can help them with.

Bible Study

We will provide a non-denominational Bible Study. This is a truly blessed time as people come together sharing their lives and beginning to build and grow their identities as people of Christ.

Our Storehouse

We will be stocking our pantry shelves here at New Life Foursquare Church with the foods and supplies that we will need for the Westwind HOTEL ministry. We will provide a current listing of the items we are stocking each month at our Church Under the Bridge collection bin.