A Ministry of Presence

The heart of the Mercy Missionaries ministry is to spread God’s love through small acts of kindness. We believe through the faithful service of the body of Christ, these small “seeds” will grow into strong trees of faith. Our desire is to love the people God sets before us. We also fully understand, and this is the heart of our message, that we have nothing REAL to offer people other than the love of Jesus. Our desire is to spread this love through simple acts of compassion and mercy.

We believe that the Lord Jesus desires to expand the scope of the church to faithfully serve His broken and hurting body by bringing life’s basic necessities to the poor. It is through God’s love that we are transformed from those who serve and those being served into “oneness in Christ.”

The ministry of the Mercy Missionaries is expressed through two primary outlets: Church Under the Bridge and HOTEL Ministry.

Church Under The Bridge

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HOTEL Ministry

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