Mercy Missionaries adopts Westwind Hotel

First, what is H.O.T.E.L.?

HOTEL Ministry (which stands for “Healing Others Through Evangelistic Love”) exists to share Christ’s love with residents in Portland’s low-income hotels downtown. Each month, teams of dedicated servants from local supporting churches provide meals, groceries, visitations, and Bible studies. New Life Foursquare Church is adopting one of those hotels: Westwind Hotel in Oldtown Portland.

Next, what does this mean?

Dinner Concert & Gift of Box Fans

We will begin with a dinner concert & provide all the food, musicians, and servers. At this dinner we will present the gift of a new 20” box fan for each of the 67 rooms in the hotel. This hotel has no air conditioning and the summer heat can be deadly. You may get involved by being a member of the Dinner Concert team or by donating a new 20” box fan (or $25 for us to use in purchasing one.)

Visitations of Residents age 65 & Older

The visitation is primary to this ministry. We go door-to-door and visit each resident who is age 65 or older. We offer them food items and listen as they share needs that we can help them with.

Bible Study

We will provide a non-denominational Bible Study. This is a truly blessed time as people come together sharing their lives and beginning to build and grow their identities as people of Christ.

Our Storehouse

We will be stocking our pantry shelves here at New Life Foursquare Church with the foods and supplies that we will need for the Westwind HOTEL ministry. We will provide a current listing of the items we are stocking each month at our Church Under the Bridge collection bin.